PROGRAMME OVERVIEW CCEYD’s Education Program is dedicated to improving the structure and attainability of education in Northern Region of Ghana. It targets three main areas; leadership, teaching methods, and increase life skills among girls and boys to address education barriers social barriers to education; while also seeking to enhance the use of participatory training methods. In alliance with CCEYD beliefs, the programme area encourages the empowerment of young women and addresses the important issue of gender disparity at all levels of education. This disparity comes as a result of teacher and community beliefs favoring male education over female education.


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PROGRAMME OVERVIEW We realized that we have a fundamental duty of care and support towards children, and we acknowledge our responsibility to keep children safe while engage in our programs and activities. CCEYD is committed to the welfare of children globally. We oppose all forms of discrimination and exploitation of children, manipulation, violence and abuse, including sexual child abuse (in any way) of children as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


PROGRAMME OVERVIEW The Youth and Women Empowerment Programme Area of CCEYD is dedicated to decreasing poverty levels and unemployment rates among young people (10-24 years) in Ghana’s Northern Region. This is achieved by providing youth and women with a variety of sustainable livelihood opportunities. The program area functions on the ideology that capacity building of youth is key in livelihood and entrepreneurial development.


PROGRAMME OVERVIEW Desires and intent to establish a strong cornerstone for good governance that will craft and operationalize mechanisms that demonstrate the virtues of transparency, accountability, predictability and participation, as the four pillars of good governance. The World Bank website defines social accountability as “an approach towards building accountability that relies on civic engagement, i.e. in which it is ordinary citizens and/or civil society organizations who participate directly or indirectly in exacting accountability”. On this basis, the proposed initiative reasons out that good governance and social accountability intersect at the core value of accountability, which has been defined as “the imperative to make public officials answerable for government behaviour and responsive to the entity from which they derive their authority”.


Volunteers are a crucial part of our organization. Centre for Communities Education and Youth Development (CCEYD) relies on the talents, passion and dedication of our volunteers to help us reach our goals. Majority of our operations are entirely engineered and executed by volunteers. No matter how small or large the role, volunteers are our most vital component. We pride ourselves in creating a fun, diverse and unique environment for our team of talented and dedicated volunteers. We strive to match our volunteer skills and interests with our organizational needs to make their experience more meaningful

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