Previous Experience

1. CCEYD in partnership with Ghana Anti-corruption Coalition established three(3) Local Accountability Networks in three districts
2. CEEYD had 29 community health volunteers in 29 communities in karaga district
3. CCEYD had fifteen (15) children and youth group/clubs in six districts (Kunbungu, Gushegu, Karaga, Savelugu, Tolon and Sagnarigu) both in schools and in the communities.
4. CCEYD organized a sensitization campaign on the MDG’s in the Tamale Metro
5. CCEYD has well trained volunteers/community base facilitators in Karaga, Savelugu/Nantong, Tolon, Gushegu, Sagnarigu and Kunbungu districts.
6. CCEYD had trained Traditional Youth Leaders, Chiefs, Magaziers (Women Leaders), Local Committees members, School management committee (SMCs) in the Tolon, Kunbungu and Savelugu/Nanton Districts.
7. CCEYD had sensitized most of the communities in rural communities on violent free election by using the Tool: “Politics and Political Tolerance” design by a Canadian genders activist Jennifer Pollock. The training has helped the local women to understand voting process and the power of voting.
8. CCEYD has also organized several campaigns on gender advocacy by using the tool: “one man can”.
9. CCEYD had trained over twenty youth groups to become CBOs in all the three districts. These groups are trained on Partnership and Networking, you and the Law, Lobbying Skills, Group Dynamics, Conflict resolution and Management and Politics and political Tolerance
10. CCEYD had formed Hygiene and Sanitation Committees in five communities in its operational areas to take charge of sanitation issues.
11. CEYD had conducted HIV/AIDS training and Sensitization for three Youth Groups in Tamale
12. CCEYD organized Training workshops on Peace, Human Rights, Gender and Development in for volunteers in Savelugu/Nanton district
13. CCEYD had organized land use management in some selected communities in Savelugu – Nantong, Kunbungu and Tolon districts

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