Desires and intent to establish a strong cornerstone for good governance that will craft and operationalize mechanisms that demonstrate the virtues of transparency, accountability, predictability and participation, as the four pillars of good governance.  The World Bank website defines social accountability as “an approach towards building accountability that relies on civic engagement, i.e. in which it is ordinary citizens and/or civil society organizations who participate directly or indirectly in exacting accountability”. On this basis, the proposed initiative reasons out that good governance and social accountability intersect at the core value of accountability, which has been defined as “the imperative to make public officials answerable for government behaviour and responsive to the entity from which they derive their authority”. 

CCEYD seek to strengthen and improve local governance by enhancing bottom-up social accountability mechanisms through increasing the quality and quantity of information available to citizens to ensure effective implementation of development interventions in their districts. The Task is expected to ensure that District Assemblies, decentralized departments, and other key actors pursue their Medium Term Development Plans (MTDPs) and Annual Action Plans (AAP) and increase the levels of prudent judicious management, transparency and accountability in budgetary allocations to development projects.

To achieve this, the proposed initiative will facilitate and increase participation and consultation processes for citizens’ groups (namely, women groups/associations, and men/youth associations/networks in selected communities in target districts in MTDP planning processes and elaboration of AAPs, as well as District Assembly budgetary allocations and financial accountability sessions, through their Unit Committees and Area/Zonal Councils.  Through increased awareness, interest and commitment of large numbers of citizens (women, men, youth, People Living with AIDS (PLWAs), etc.) to their roles and responsibilities in supporting their Assemblies, The CCEYD by means of strategic initiatives will lay the cornerstone for enhancing citizens’ capacities and confidence in demanding and exacting accountability from their duty bearers in development at district and community level.