Registration Status: CCEYD is registered as a civil society organisation at the Registrar General’s Department in Accra, with registration number: CG 080242013;  C 0003022153, dated 27th December 2013 and registered at the Department of Social Welfare, Northern Region.  

Vision, Mission, and Mandate: The Centre for Communities, Education and Youth Development (CCEYD) is a community based non-governmental organization established in the year 2001 in the Northern Region of Ghana. The CCEYD has been established to transform the appalling situations of under-development and ignorance which results into ill-health, unemployment, streetism, and poverty among the children, youth, women, and girl-children in particular. The capacity of the youth will be built to better understand their environment and take action to develop their conditions. The CCEYD’s principal mandate is to facilitate sustainable human development processes at district and regional levels, by focusing and working strategically on the soft processes of development (citizen engagement, good governance, women empowerment, value chain development, etc.).

Development Relations: CCEYD is a humanitarian organization formed to alleviate the plight of the under-privileged in the society through collaboration with Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s), NGO’s both local and international and other philanthropy and relevant organizations. CCEYD is run by five members Board of Directors who have vast knowledge in community development and institutional organisation.

CCEYD Target Groups (Beneficiaries, Partners and Collaborators): CCEYD works in its target districts and communities through supportive partnerships with diverse groups and local associations of youth networks, children clubs, women groups, community based organizations (CBOs), Community Health Workers (CHVs), Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), and with various traditional, religious, social, and community development associations, etc. at community and district levels.  CCEYD also works at district, regional and national level in advocacy, lobbying and influencing policy makers, local government authorities, State ministries and departments at regional and national levels.


CCEYD’s interventions and activities are focused on achieving results and impact through Policy Advocacy, Behavior Change Communication, Good Governance, Water & Sanitation, Health & Hygiene Education, Child Rights Protection, information,
Education and Communication (IEC) training, Peace Building & Community Harmony, Conflict Prevention and Resolution, etc.  These are achieved by means of a wide variety of methodologies and tools including Peer Education, Sexual & Reproductive Health and Control of STI/STDs, Rural & Urban Conflict Management, Environmental clean-up campaigns, as Training and Capacity Building in all of its programmes and interventions through Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Durbars, Peer-to-Peer Counseling & Advice for women, youth, PWDs, PWLAs, etc.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Abu Ibrahim

Executive Director

Mr. Luigi Balduzzi

Fund Raiser